Tuesday, November 29, 2005

disaster averted

Things are looking back on track for me. I stayed off the booze last week, stayed within my points and went to the gym twice on the weekend (as well as a couple of walks during the week). I even got up at 6.00am this morning and went to the gym! I feel like I am more motivated and more determined to beat this!

After my dissapointing 0.9 gain last week, I am delighted to say that the scales showed a loss of 1.3kg this week to take my total loss to 9.4kg. I am really happy with that. The only minor bummer is that I am sitting on 80.1kg and would have loved to have cracked the 70's. The scales at the gym show me as 79.5kg, so I was hoping to see a 7 today... never mind, I know that its all good.

Despite this, I have decided to not go to my meetings for the rest of the year. I will still track and weigh myself at the gym once a week, but I cant justify going to meetings at the moment. I will be able to explain more in the next few weeks, but the for the moment I think its the right decision and my leader agrees. I didnt make the decision lightly and I hope that I can keep on track on my own - I know I have your help and the help of my lovely hubby - so it shouldnt be too hard.

I dont have too much on this week. Am going to Oasis tonight and we are going away with a group of friends at the weekend to Hambledon Hill House for our group 'festivus for the rest of us', but the guys all know that I am on WW so they wont pressure me into eating crap!!

I hope you all have a good week. Congratulations to Phillipa and hugs to Mary...


Friday, November 25, 2005

rock and roll star

Thanks to everyone for your supportive posts. Rest assured I wont be going back to that meeting (ever) and I will return to my normal meeting next week. I have been eating lots of fish this week and am off the booze completely, so things are looking good. My points have been good and I have been for 2 good walks so far, with the weekend to come. Feeling much more positive!

I just have to share a little bit of my night last night. I had such a good time and am still buzzing. Most of you now know that I work for a record company, so I am lucky enough to go to a lot of really good gigs. Sometimes this is exciting, but sometimes I would rather stay home and watch bad TV on the couch with the husband and the dogs. Last night was a night that I would have rather stayed home, but I made myself go to see the Strokes (yes, poor me!!). It was at the Gaelic Club in Sydney. I get there and the fun starts. I ran into an old work mate who I hadnt seen in a while and was delighted to find out that his wife was expecting a baby. (good news #1) The gig starts. They are rockin'. Its all good. Someone whispered in my ear that Liam Gallagher was in the room. Yes, Liam Gallagher from Oasis (this may not excite some of you - but I am a mega fan). He was standing in front of me for most of the night. I had to pinch myself a few times and keep control. I was watching the Strokes and Liam Gallagher is standing in front of me...

The gig ws really good. They played a lot of new songs, but they also played some old favorites like 'New York City Cops', 'Last Nite', 'Hard To Explain' and more. The room was buzzing and everyone was thrilled to be there. Then I get a tap on the shoulder. Another old workmate and her fiance are there. They have been in LA for ages and I hadnt seem them for about 5 years. And they are having a baby as well. (good news #2 or is it #3). It just seems like we are at a stage in our lives when good things are happening and people are really settling down and making new people! That makes me happy. They are also 2 really lovely couples so I am thrilled for them all!

Ok - I am rambling, but I havent had a fun night like that in ages. Then I get to work this morning and half the office has been out drinking with The Strokes and Oasis until 5.00am, while I was tucked up in bed. I probably wouldnt have gone out (am getting tired in my old age) but that is just too rock and roll!!

Anyway - I better get some work done - am off to hear some more stories and live vicarious through my workmates.
Good vibes to all this week!


Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Uh Oh...

Well, well well. I missed my Monday weigh in this week. An old friend was in town and it was the only day she could catch up, so I went to WW today. I had had a pretty lax week - not terrible, just not as careful as I should be. I think I went over my points twice (slightly) and I didnt do too much excercise, so I was expecting a gain. So, imagine my dismay when I put on 0.9kg! I was a bit bummed with myself, but the icing on the cake was when I said 'Gee thats not good' and the weigher said coldly 'no its not'. Some words of encouragement would have sent me away quite positive, but that just made me want to chuck in the towel!

There are lots of reasons why I wasnt so good last week, but they all sound like excuses. The hubby got a new job and we got some other really good news, so we went out to celebrate with a lovely dinner during the week. I havent been feeling 100% so I have been tired and not able to excercise. My friends make really yummy party food and I over indulged very slightly on Saturday night. But seriously, I have had much naughtier weeks and lost and I am really bummed that it got so bad...

It has been so great reading your posts this week. The lovely Phillipa contines to bring smiles to my face. She is so positive and happy. It really makes my day!

I am going to try super hard to be good this week and try and get some excercise in, but I think I may stop actually going to WW for a while. I resent having to pay money to people to have them tell me I have put on weight. I apologise in advance for my mood, but I am really dissapointed in myself today.

I will pop back in later this week when my mood improves!
have a great week

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Groundhog Day

Today is a good day. I had a lovely weekend and I am just feeling quite happy with the world. I think I know that summer is just around the corner and its nice to know that I wont spend this summer in my only pair of jeans because I have nothing else to wear!

The hubby and I spent most of yesterday lying in a park in Balmain with our dogs reading the papers and enjoying the sunshine. There is something really relaxing about taking off your shoes and touching the ground. And the dogs love it too!! We were both som calm and happy when we got home.

Went to see Kelly Clarkson last night - not really my favourite singer, but I had to go for work and she was excellent! It was a good way to top off the week after meeting INXS and John Farnham... I will try and post some photos soon (after I work out how to do that!).

It has been so exciting to have people read my posts last week. Thanks to everyone who took the time to leave messages. I am really thrilled.

So I had my weigh in today and lost another 0.5kg which I am really happy with. It makes my total loss to date 9.1kg and I am soooo close to getting under under 80kg. So I got my 13 week star and I hit my 10%. YAY! So if all goes to plan this week I will hit my 10kg and get under 80kg, but I cant think that way - I will just do my best and hope for a loss!!

I am getting a little frustrated with my body tho. My size 16 clothes are falling off me (a good problem to have) and I have been trying on size 14's and they dont fit me. I am sure this will only be a problem for a week or so, but its really frustrating me!!

Nothing big planned for this week. Trying to stay fairly low key before the stupid season gets into full swing - by my diary its November 25th this year - HELP!!

Have a good week all

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

copy cat - 12 things about me

I found this on Phillipa's blog and I thought I would do my own! I think its a really interesting way to get to know people and I actually found it an interesting way to find stuff about myself!

Here goes - drum roll please
12 things about me

12 Movies I Like
The Princess Bride
Fight Club
In Her Shoes
Say Anything
High Fidelity
My Best Friends Wedding
Pulp Fiction
Before Sunrise
Moulin Rouge
Big Fish
The Sure Thing

11 bands/ artists that I like
Franz Ferdinand
Groove Armade
Kylie Minogue
Natalie Imbruglia
Robbie Williams

10 Things about me
My husband and I got married in Las Vegas
I work for a record company
My new years resolution every year is to be on a game show
I spend every Friday night at Five Dock bowling Club
I saw Madonna at Madison Square Gardens in New York City on my 30th birthday
My mother died when I was 13
I have 2 dogs called Sabi and Suki
I watch Friends on a regular basis
I traveled around Europe on my own for 6 months when I was 22
we are renovating our first home

9 Good Friends
Anton - my beautiful husband and the best thing that ever happened to me
Kim - my oldest school friend and someone I can tell anything to
Irene - good friend from London - work - life
Andria - my new bessie
Amber - my new work bessie
Jeff - the first friend I made independant of school - he lives in London now and I miss hime
Amanda - she was with my the night I met Anton and she is tops
Lauren - excellent girlfriend who I work with
Jane - a really good friend - her daughter Caitlin is my god daughter

8 favourite foods
Oysters (and all seafood)
Italian almond biscuits
Yum Cha
Bloody marys
Turkish delight (the proper stuff not the one with the chocolate)

7 things I wear daily
My wedding and engagement rings
My Paloma Picasso rings that I bought from Tiffanys in beverly hills
My chain and cross that my hubby bought me for our 2nd Christmas
A bra
palmers cocoa butter
ear rings

6 things I hate
My neighbours
People who go around the supermarket the wrong way
Bad manners
Missing my train

5 things I do daily
Eat breakfast with my husband
Track my food
Surf the net

4 shows I watch
The Biggest Loser
Spicks and Specks (wish I could be on it!!)

3 Places I Have Lived

2 Things I want
A baby
Take my hubby to Europe

1 Person I Want To See Right Now
My hubby – he had a job interview today and I want to see if he is OK

I hope you like it - it was fun to write!!

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

monday report

Well - an OK result
Lost 0.5kg so that brings me to 8.6kg total loss. We talked about fibre in our meeting today, so I popped in the health food shop and got myself some psyillium husks to try and help move things along!
Planning a good week of exercise and I dont think we have anything naughty on this week, so I cant wait to get to 10kg lost. Having said that, INXS are coming into the office on Wednesday and I will be so nervous that I will have to have a couple of vino's to calm myself!
bye for now

why did I start this?

greetings to all.

This is my first ever blog. I am a bit nervous, so be nice to me! I have been reading so many other blogs the last few months that I thought I should start my own! Its a no brainer really.
My main focus at the moment is my weight watchers obsession. I didnt want to call it a journey - it sounds so cliched, but I guess that's what it is. To be honest its my repeat journey. I did it in 2000-2001 and lost 25kg and since meeting my now husband I put most of it back on - actually I put all of it back on!
I decided a few months ago that I didnt like being the size I was and I wondered if my hubby would have even noticed me if he met me today. It doesnt seem like a fair comment to make, but I just wondered it all the same...
So I started back at WW in August and have lost around 8kg to date. Its a start, but I have at least 15kg to go. I know I can do it, I just have to see if I can keep it off forever this time!!

Nothing else happening this week. I think I am going to Kelly Clarkson on Sunday night (for work) and the hubby is going for a blokey poker night on Saturday so I might have a girls night in - chick flicks and early night for me I think...

By the way, Monday is my weigh in day, so I will probably post again today.. stay tuned for some good news - fingers crossed xxx