Friday, July 13, 2007

back to the drawing board

I got fired this week. They didnt say fired, they said 'let go'. I have never been 'let go' so quickly in my life. I am not really sure what happened, suffice to say, the big mean man boss who I had spoken to twice didnt like me and didnt want to work with me.
I had been there 4 weeks and was getting on with it. My (lady) boss seemed to like what I had been doing and we had one little issue, but had moved on from it. I had a few days off in my 3rd week because Lila was sick with a really bad cold, and I wasnt going to leave her at day care. But I offered to do work from home and did that both days.
So either, he just didnt like me, or he didnt like the fact that I would put my family before work. Now, I havent been employed since I have been a mother, but I am thinking that is a little bit unreasonable...
Its fine though. If they want to be like that, I dont want to work there. Its their loss. I got 2 extra weeks pay, and am looking for another job, but in my heart of hearts, I just want something part time for now. I am going to keep Lila at day care 2 days a week because I think its good for her to be social and spend time with other kids, and its also a good chance for me to get some things done.
And in the week that I get 'let go', my husband gets offered a better job with a better company and better money, so I think its some kind of sign...
I think I will work 2-3 days a week with a friend of mine who has a merchandising company. We are going to have a chat on Monday. That would suit me for the moment. Its close to home and I think it will be fairly easy and only 5 hours a day, so it wont be such an early start.
Our house will go on the market next week. I hope we get what we want for it. I am sure it will come close. I think its a nice house and am posititve that others will think that too. We move at the beginning of September.

My beautiful Lila turns 1 next week. Where did the year go? This is the invite that I made for her birthday party. Well its not really a party... We are going to the pub! Well, we cant have it here and I dont feel like organising a picnic or anything when we will be having an open house that day, so the pub it is!!
Hope everything is good out there. Looks like we will have a lovely weekend.
take care