Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Yes, I'm still here!

Well, havent I been slack of late? Its been over a month since my last entry and I must admit I am a bit ashamed of myself. I guess I dont really feel like there is much going on, even though we are really busy and there doesnt seem like time to stop and take a breath.

A quick recap - baby stuff seems to be coming along well. The bump is well and truly showing now and I have even gone out and bought myself some maternity clothes. I am really liking showing off my belly - its a proud little status symbol!! The good news is, last time I went to the docs, all was fine and I had only put on 1kg from where I was before I got pregnant! I am pretty happy with the way the weight thing is sitting. A lot of people have even told me that I look like I have lost weight. I am eating lots (but trying hard to eat lots of the right things) and doing a bit of exercise, but I am definitely not dieting so dont any of you worry that I am trying NOT to put on weight deliberately! Its starting to feel like I am getting a bit bigger now, so my next doctors vist (next week) will be the true indication! I have also started to feel the baby move a lot more, which is weird and also very exciting! Its all becoming more and more real... On a slightly worrisome note, I fainted on the train this morning - probably more to do with the fact that the train was packed and I was hot rather than anything serious. I am going to have to catch a different train, or at least get myself a seat in the morning, because if my hubby wasnt with me it would have been much more horrible than it actually was! I dont think its my blood pressure, but I will make sure I ask the doc about it next week.

We started the baby shopping on the weekend. Basically just looking for a cot and a pram. My dear friend Kim has offered to lend us hers (when she decides she wants to stop at 2 kids and not go for another!) but until she makes that decision, we need a back up plan. It was pretty full on traipsing around the shops with so many other pregnant women - and who knew how expensive everything was! We say a couple of prams at around the $1500 mark, which I just found horrendous! We settle on a mid range (@ $300) pram that was very light and easy to carry. I dont really mind what it looks like as long as it doesnt give me grief and I can lift it up the stairs! We also had the mother in law come with us on Sunday - night mare! She is claiming to be an expert on all things baby - based on the fact that she had 1 child, 31 years ago. It was really painful and it was such a relief that the hubby mentioned it first. I guess its pretty funny - that old mother in law cliche, but it really was a trial. We didnt buy anything - have decided to wait until Kim decides and then we will go from there!

I have been geing to the gym a fair bit - started doing aqua aerobics! The class is full of oldies and much bigger ladies, but you can work as hard as you want to and I actually find it a good low impact work out! I am surprised at how puffed I get, but also surprised at how hard I can work. The instructor is always giving me the safe option which is really good. She said I shouldnt get too hot and cook the baby! I am a bit scared at how tight my bathers are already though - I just assumed they would stretch and I wouldn't have to worry about getting a bigger one, but it really feels like they are going to break! How embarressing would that be??!!

Looking forward to this weekend - we are going away to Peppers Resort at Port Stephens. I have been there before on a work conference a couple of years ago, but it will be so nice for just the two of us to go there together and relax. We have been running around so much lately and trying to get the house in some semblance of order for when the baby comes, that it will be so nice to hire a dingy and go fishing or just lay by the pool and read. I really want to order room service and eat breakfast in bed! I am sure it wil be lovely. Also great to get Friday off work! We were planning on going to Vietnam for our holiday this year, but we just dont have the time, so we have booked in a couple of weekends away, just so we get some 'us' time in before July...

Its all good. I have been reading all your blogs regularly and keeping up with all the news. I cant wait until the beautiful Phillipa reaches goal - I will be soo excited for her! And I want to send my love to Mary who seems to be having a rough time right about now!

Still loving the Biggest Loser. Loved it tonight with the makeovers - Kristy is looking beautiful and how amazing did Shane look without that beard! I love it when you can really start to see the change in people - its just really inspiring! Just like you all...
Have a great week
love vx