Thursday, June 29, 2006

One more day of work

I cant believe that I have got to this time... Tomorrow is my last day of work for about 12 months. Its a weird one. I have worked here for nearly 9 years, but I am not leaving. I'm not going on holidays. I am leaving to have a baby. It feels quite surreal, like its happening to someone else. When I sit at my desk I am the same person, its not until I look down at my ever expanding belly that I realize that I am actually about to give birth to my own child.... Weird.

I have been feeling really well. Am still seeing the chiropractor and she is still my saviour. I feel better at this stage than I did a month ago. The pain relief is wonderful. I have however, finally put on the 10kg that I lost last year, and am starting to feel quite bulky. I was saying to the hubby last night that I feel sooo much bigger and awkward like this than I did when I was just fat, but I am carrying around the same weight. At least I know that in a couple of weeks time that I will lose some of it again. Really looking forward to hitting the pavement again and getting fit again. My goal is to be able to run 5kg non stop by the end of the year. I have never been able to run, so it will be amazing if I can do it.

I had a baby shower on the weekend. It was a little bit stressful, but lovely to have my girls around and have them so excited about the baby. I am really lucky to have such amazing and generous friends. We got such an amazing haul of gifts. It was quite overwhelming, and now I finally feel like I am little bit more prepared for bring home the little bundle. We got lots of wraps, blankets, towels, lovely sleeping bags, some beautiful outfits, quite a few toys, sheets, care packs of oils, bath wash, lotions, a fantastic set of bedding and a very funky mobile for the cot. The car was full of gifts. MIL also found his entire collection of hard cover Dr Seuss books that hubby had when he was a child. Really lovely and he was so excited! All I need now is a couple of sets of sheets and things like bibs and a nappy bag and I will be all sorted. A big change from having nothing at all. I am very glad that we decided to hold off buying anything until now. Plus, because we dont know what we are having, I want to wait to buy clothes, so we can get some funky coloured stuff. Not that we are planning on the typical pink for girls and blue for boys, but you know what I mean...

Now for the kitchen update - for the past 2 weeks, we have had an empty room with a fridge and no walls. The kitchen arrived last week, and is stitting in the dining room. All of the stuff from the kitchen and the dining room are sitting in the 'babies' room with all the presents from the baby showere and supplies (nappies etc). The house looks like a war zone. The bathroom has become a mini kitchen/ bathroom/ laundry. Our 'pantry' is a cardboard box on the lounge room floor. There is dirt and dust everywhere. Can you tell I am getting a little over it??! At this stage it looks like this weekend will be spent finishing preparing the room (sanding, painting, polishing the floor) and it will be next weekend that the actual kitchen goes in. So I will have a week at home where I cant really do any nesting. I should theoretically have a couple of weeks up my sleeve, but it wasnt the relaxing start to maternity leave that I was hoping for. Hubby is beside himself, and doesnt really know when he is going to get it all done, but we are on a bit of a deadline... I am trying not to stress, and sometimes I think, 'what does it matter? we will manage' but its hard to stay calm and reasonable when I am 37 weeks pregnant and the baby can theoretically come any time from NOW!!!

Anyway, enough of the vent. I am sure I will be better after this weekend - the sanding will be the worst. Once that is done I will be able to start cleaning upstairs at least!

Hope you all have a good week.
Will be online from home after tomorrow - life as we know it is about to change!

Friday, June 16, 2006


I finally got some pictures of my lovely niece Georgia! She seems like a lovely baby and I am really looking forward to getting to know her better!

May she have a lovely and blessed life!

baby boom

How good has it been this week with all the beautiful babies being born? I loved Katie's story. I cant believe that she gave birth to her lovely Natalia in the ambulance. Awesome! And congratulations to Kellee who had her lovely baby this week also. All the best to the both of you and enjoy the next few weeks of bonding and special time! Very exciting!

I have 5 weeks to go until I can join the ranks of motherhood. Have decided to stay on at work for another week and now I will finish up on June 30th. Its partially due to how good I have been feeling since I discovered the chiropractor and partly because we are getting a kitchen installed at home over the next 2 weeks and I dont want to be sitting at home in the demolition zone when I should be nesting! I will be fantastic when its done, but I am not really looking forward to the next few weeks without a kitchen. We have a microwave and a BBQ with a gas burner, but I cant see myself standing out in the cold of the morning making porridge! So there will lots of toast and cereal and a bunch of BBQ's and takeway but thats OK! It will be worth it to have a beautiful clean kitchen with storage and a dishwasher and space. Bring it on! I will be sure to take some before and after shots and post them here in a couple of weeks!

This weekend will be demolishing the old kitchen - hubby can do that. He insists that I go out for lunch with the girls and go and get some pampering - so I am getting a pedicure on Sunday. Its just so that I am not hanging around nagging him, but its a good excuse to be a bit spoilt!

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Oh My God...

I just wanted to share something with you all. You may have read that I have been complaining a little about a bit of pelvic pain that I have suffering with during this pregnancy. It has been quite horrible at times, affecting my sleep and definitely my moods. I spoke to my Obstetrician about it and he said it was just normal 'wear and tear' and I had to live with it. Finally yesterday, I thought enough is enough and went to see a chiropractor. In 15 minutes, she fixed 3 months of agony. I cant believe how much better I feel and how this has been affecting my mood. Its like someone turned on the light today. I am going to see her again tonight, and hopefully I wont have to suffer with much more pain for the next 6 weeks (yep, thats all I have left...)
Just wanted to share
hope you are all having a good day

Monday, June 05, 2006

more belly shots

Last weekend we headed down to Watsons Bay for a lovely sunday afternoon with the dogs. It was very sunny, but also quite chilly. Even so, it was lovely to be in the fresh air and be free. I am suffering a little with some pelvic pain, which seems to be getting worse at the moment, so walking isnt the most comfortable thing to do, but I am trying to do a little bit every couple of days. Besides, the doctors recommend 20 mins of walking most days to keep my blood sugar down and that is my priority at the moment.

I really like this shot (apart from the litttle bit of belly that is showing under my top!). I was determined not to be a frumpy pregnant woman, so am wearing mostly tight tops and my awesome jeans that I got from Target for $35, and will probably last me until I pop!

Just one more for you for today. Its a bit far away, but its a nice photo. Its of the lighthouse at Watsons Bay. You can just see my 2 little pooches in the bottom. The little one has just been speyed, so we were expecting her to be really sooky that weekend, but she was a trouper! She is becoming very affectionate and I cant help but start to really like her. It was hard at first, because the older one Sabi, was the perfect dog, and she has been quite scatty and a bit of a pain, but I think she will improve! I will get some closer pics up soon - they are very cute (both poodle crosses) and I might even get a pic of my DH! We wonder how the dogs will cope when the baby comes, but I am sure we will manage! They will be a bit jealous tho at first.

I spent the weekend reading a great book 'Secrets Of The Baby Whisperer'. It was recommended by a friend of the hubby's and had some great advice on routines, sleeping and feeding. It had made me quite excited about the baby coming and I feel a bit better about having the knowledge and the support to deal with what is going to happen in the next few months!

Have another appointment this week, so will find out my weight gain on Friday. I think its around 7kg, so thats not too bad with 6 weeks to go!! Eeek!!

Hope you all have a good week.