Friday, December 16, 2005

going hoff!

Apologies for my absence. Its not that I have been busy, its just that I feel like I have had nothing to write... well thats not exactly true, but I havent been in a writing mood.
The last few weeks have been pretty good. I have had a lot on with work. The Chritsmas party and a few functions.
This week we actually had David Hasselhoff come in the office. He was in our studios recording a single and came up to meet us all... and I have proof!

How funny is that!

For a couple of reasons I havent been superstrict with my eating and I have done no excercise for the past few weeks. Having said that I have managed to avoid all alcohol at christmas parties and have been eating pretty well considering. I had to visit a doctor yesterday and I was weighed in the surgery and guess what!?! I weighed in at 78.5kg!! Its the first time in years that I have weighed under 80kg and man was I excited! It means that I have lost a total of 11kg since I started at WW, and that is going to make such a difference to me for the coming year.

Have an interesting couple of weeks coming up. My mother in law goes in for chemotherapy today, so we are having a quiet christmas with her this year. I dont know if she will be up for much, but I think our priority is spending time with her. I also have 2 weeks off work, so I may not be able to post for a couple of weeks, but will give it a go from the home PC. We have just had the internet connected at home, so fingers crossed.

I wish you all a wonderful christmas and a wonderous 2006. I know that you will all keep fighting the good fight and reaching your goals next year. You have all been so inspirational and its been wonderful discovering these blogs and starting one myself. Well done to everyone on all your successes this year. You all ROCK!!

all the best