Wednesday, November 15, 2006

feeling good

OK, Ok - I know I am slack - its just that the computer is in the baby's room and I dont get a lot of time in here at the moment!

You will all be pleased to know that I am doing much much better. Granted, it is assisted by medication, but I am coping so much better that I dont care. The anxiety has gone and I dont feel as depressed and desperate. Plus, I have such a beautiful baby that its hard to be stressed out all the time. Lila is growing every day and will be four months old next week. Its hard to keep up really. The sleep is getting better - she has a big sleep in the morning and 2 smaller sleeps during the rest of the day, and then sleeps all night. We are having problems getting her to sleep in the evening, but once she is down, we dont hear from her until 6-7am.

She is being very vocal at the moment. Squeals away with delight to herself. The best way I can describe it is that she sounds like a cat on heat, but its very cute!

What else is going on - well, we went to see U2 last Friday night. It was just fantastic and I am so pleased that I went. We have had our tickets for almost a year and I remember when I got them I was concerned that I would be too pregnant to go!! I get to go to a lot of shows and this would have to be up there with some of the best I have seen in my life. I was so happy!! I would have been even more happy if I had been at the Kylie show, where Bono joined her on stage to sing Kids, but hey, I cant have everything!

We also had our first full night without Lila the other weekend. She went to stay with her Grandmother over night and we went to a party for a couple of friends birthdays. It was so much fun to be out and have a sleep in but the house felt so quiet without her - we really missed her! Lila seemed to have a great time with her grandmother and her grandmother LOVED having her! Hooray!!

Oh and I am now back to my pre-pregnancy weight. In fact, I think I am a little smaller than I was back then, but I have no 'official' data as yet, so I will let you know how that is going. I do feel smaller and everyone keeps telling me that I look like I have lost weight - but I have had a baby after all!!

On a sad note, I just wanted to say how sorry I was to hear about Belinda Emmett. It still makes me sad to think that someone so young and beautiful could be taken by cancer. I feel so bad for Rove. My husband and I got married a couple of weeks after them and I cant imagine what he must be going through. Makes me want to tell everyone I know that I love them! Go and do the same you lot....

all the best