Thursday, April 26, 2007


hey folks
Just a quick update to cover off where I am at...

I started this post about 3 weeks ago - I should post it now and will start a new one as well...

The most exciting news for the week, was a surprise wedding! Our friends Susan and Phil were throwing a party for their 10 year (going out!) anniversary on Tuesday night. It was at a pub in the city and we just thought it was going to be a party! We got there late and flustered and Susan was wearing a beautiful champagne coloured Alannah Hill frock and Phil was in jeans and a velvet jacket (very dressed up for him!). There was champagne and canapes but nothing too flash. Everyone was relaxed and having a drink and a catch up. All of a sudden we were all ushered into another room and it was filled with beautiful flowers. There was a lady standing there with a folder and she rang some tibetan prayer bells. She said her name and announced that she was a marriage celebrant. Well the crowd went WILD. NO ONE knew (including their parents and siblings!) and we were all so excited for them. They had always vowed that they were happy to never get married. It was a beautiful hand binding ceremony and I know I was crying, as I am sure where the rest of the crowd. We had a lovely dinner together and a bunch of us went out until 4.00AM!! I am very happy that we organised a baby sitter for Lila!
So after a few hours sleep we headed to the Courthouse in Newtown for Anzac Day. Its always a great day out and was a bit quieter than usual because of the rain. I didnt drink much because I had to drive, but its always a hoot down there. I love seeing the old diggers out and about, enjoying a beer. It bring a smile to my face. I was very happy to get home and get some sleep last night, thats for sure!
Other stuff that has been happening.... hmm. The short version. I think I need to find myself a job. The trouble is that I dont really know what I want to do. I have to get myself organised and start applying for jobs. I am sure that something will come along soon.
We may be putting our house on the market. A couple of reasons, the first being that we need more space. The second is that Anton's dad is moving interstae and there is a possibilty that we can rent their place from them. Its a much larger house in Balmain, and it would be awesome if that all works out.


Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Family Holiday

I have just returned from my first holiday as a family. Anton, Lila and I just went to the Sunshine Coast for a week and it was glorious. We stayed at a place called Dickies Beach in Caloundra. The beach is named after a shipwreck of the SS Dickie on the beach. Aparently the boat got stuck there is the 1800's and it is amazing - looks like a whale carcass.

The apartments that we stayed, called Portobello By The Sea were great. They had a great pool and our courtyard had its own outdoor hottub, so it was a nice alternative to going out at night which we obviously couldnt do with a bub! Although obviously she loved the hot tub as well!

We had a couple of outings. One was to the Ginger Factory at Yandina. I am a real ginger fan, so we had to go there and suss it out. We got some yummy ginger fudge and acted like total tourists and loved it!

Anton spent a bit of time playing golf, and I spent a lot of time in the pool. It was so nice to just relax. Lila would wake every morning at 4.30am, which I think was a combination of daylight savings ending and not being in her own bed. The bed that they had was very creaky and evertime she moved it would make a noise like somebody humping - quite funny bu really annoying when we were trying to sleep! Lila also liked the pool and it was great to get her used to the water.

Another day trip was to Noosa. It is such a beautiful place, but a little bit too ritzy for us. It was so busy for this time of the year and we didnt feel like spending a lot of money going to a really nice place for lunch. So we went to the Surf Club, which ended up having great views of main beach and was lovely and relaxed. Great choice I thought!

The last trip we took was to Maleny and the Glass House Mountains. I had no idea that they would be so spectacular. It was a really lovely day and Maleny was a real find. We had a beautiful lunch at an organic cafe where I think I had the best mango smoothie in existance! The mountains are really stunning and I would recommend a visit if you are ever in the area.

I was really impressed with the area and even looked at some real estate prices which were quite affordable. I can really see why people move to QLD. Lots of space and beautiful weather. Hmm, something to think about.

A few more pics to share with you. We took so many photos and these were my favourites.

When we got back, I decided that I wanted to go to V Festival at Centennial Park, to see Groove Armada, Jarvis Cocker and the Pet Shop Boys. Anton took Lila to his mums and we met up afterwards and stayed out until 3.00am!! It was very lucky that Lila wasnt there to wake us up at 4.30am. It was nice to have a night off, but I do miss her when she isnt around.
Hope all is well.