Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Yes I am still here

Just a quick one to say that I have been offline for a couple of weeks and am just sorting my computer out. We had the server updated and it took ages to have everything reconnected. Things are fine. The two big things that have happened in the past few weeks are that I was made redundant from my job and I had Lila Christened.

I am totally fine with the redundancy. I think its a blessing. I wasnt ready to go back to work and think its important that I spend more time with Lila before I put her into childcare. The company gave me a decent pay out, so I probably dont have to work this year - which is a good thing! I am not sure what I will do, but if anyone is in Sydney and hears of any part time jobs, can you swing them my way!

The christening was on Sunday and went really well. I will write a proper post about it when I get the photos off the fellas camera.

Hope all is well. Will write a proper update before the end of the week.