Friday, June 29, 2007

cold cold cold

Hey all

I just realised its been a whole month since I posted. All is good, we just havent had a computer at home for a couple of weeks. Hubby blew up the hard drive, but we finally have a lap top - its very spunky and I love it. I will try to get on here more often, but at the moment I am addicted to facebook and I cant seem to drag myself away. Its kind of like myspace only much easier to use and much easier to find your friends. I have found people that I havent spoken to in years and its great to catch up!

All is good. I started work 3 weeks ago and it feels like I have been there for ever. The people are lovely and the job suits me to the ground - its close to home and they are all very aware of the fact that I have a child and that she is super important, so I am out of there at 5 oclock on the dot and no one makes me feel guilty about it. I like that. Lila has a cold at the moment so I had to leave early and take her home my boss was over the moon that I offered to take home work. I actually managed to get more done at home than I would usually at work - go figure.

We have started to pack up our house and it should be on the market at the end of next week. I am so excited. I am not sure when we will move but it will probably be by the end of August. I will be so happy to have much more room and a neighbourhood that I can enjoy. It will be fantastic!!

Lila is getting more wonderful by the day. She will be one in just a few weeks. She seems so grown up now. She is almost walking and its so much fun to watch her get around. She loves dancing and just adores her daddy. Its very sweet. We are having a party for her, even though it seems so silly to have a party when she wont even realise that its for her. We just love spoiling her, so I guess its more for us.

On the weight front - things are getting dire, so I have gone back to WW. I thought I could do it on my own, but I was wrong. I know that I just need a big kick in the bum. I considered taking xenical as I thought there was no hope for me. I even spoke to the pharmacist about it. The only thing stopping me from buying it was the cost ($139 for 4 weeks). They said that you could lose between 1 and 4kg a month. I told my husband and he said I could do that with diet and exercise and that it was a waste of $$. He was right as usual. I just have to find the strength and motivation from somewhere. I went to a WW meeting in Newtown on Tuesday night - it was FREEZING and I couldnt find a park, but I went anyway. It was a bit of a shock to have put on so much weight after losing it after having Lila. I feel like Oprah sometimes - I take it off and put it on and keep yo-yoing from 90kg to 80kg to 90kg to 70kg to 80kg and so on. I just want to get to 80kg at the moment, and then I will try for 70 again. I have done it before so I am sure that I can do it again.

My next weigh in is on Tuesday. I havent exercised yet, but will try to on the weekend, and I have stuck to my points and am eating well. One step at a time....

Hope everyone is good out there. I have lost all my favourites, so leave me a message so I can find you all again!